March 23, 2020

COVID-19 Meeting Changes

Due to the current COVID-19 virus concerns, some groups are no longer able to meet at their traditional venue but have arranged for other methods of contact via phone or internet. Other groups are conforming with rules of social distancing.

If you are uncertain, please speak with a contact from your before attending a meeting to see if there have been changes for the regularly scheduled meetings.

Groups Meeting Via Conference Ball:

Are you a newcomer?Please call our hotline and we'll tell you how to attend a meeting: 314-995-2687
* Dog Town Meeting, Friday 7:30 PM
* Downtown Meeting, Saturday 4:30 PM
* Additional Meeting, Sunday 7:30 AM (not a replacement for the Clayton Sunday meeting)
* Caseyville, Sunday 6:30 PM
The meetings to the left use the same call in number and code.
Call in when the meeting starts:

1. Dial star 67 (to protect your anonymity)
2. Dial in number: 425-436-6304
3. Meeting code: 131098
* Manchester, Mon/Wed/Fri Noon
* Manchester, Saturday 9:00 AM
Contact a group member for the call in number
* St. Charles, Saturday 8:30 AM-9:30 AMEmail to join the meeting.


Groups Continuing To Meet Face to Face:

All the morning meetings in Clayton will continue to meet at the normal time and location.


Other Options:

There are also nation-wide phone meetings that are listed at

Please contact rpjonjubiliee at gmail dot com if you know of other meeting changes.