For The Newcomer

Welcome! If you are struggling with sexually compulsive behavior, you’ve found the right place. We’d like to share our solution with you. Below you will find links describing the basics of the problem and the solution. Please take some time to explore these and if you are ready to begin your recovery, give us a call or find a meeting.  The following links can also be found under the “For the Newcomer” item on the menu above.

  • The Problem & Solution: A description of our common problem and our common solution. Each of stories as before and during recovery differ in some of the details, but at the core, we have the same problem and have found the same solution. Read on!


  • Our Purpose: We of Sexaholics Anonymous have a single minded focus. We don’t concern ourselves about other groups or causes. We focus solely on recover from sex and porn addiction.



  • Our Sobriety Definition: Sexaholics Anonymous has a very specific and exact definition of “sobriety”. Read what that is and why it is so important to us in our recovery.


  • Then 12 Steps & 12 Traditions: Sexaholics Anonymous is a 12-step program. As such, the core of our solution to the problem of sexaholism are the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous with an SA twist.


  • Test Yourself: Not sure your problem is bad as all that? Not sure you are addicted to sex, porn, or masturbation? Take the test.


  • 12 Promises: A life without sex and porn might sound pretty dreary. Read about the full, abundant life that is promised to those who pursue recovery whole-heartedly.


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