That Look

The scene: A house on Family Avenue, Everytown, U.S.A. It is 1:30 in the morning, and the attractive young wife, barefoot, in her nightgown, and holding her one-year-old girl in her arms, has awakened and is looking for her husband. As she approaches the den, she looks into the darkened room through the door, which is slightly ajar. Her husband is at the computer, utterly tranced-out on the monitor.


She is repulsed by the look on his face, the wild lascivious flare of his eyes devouring what is on the screen. She is terrified. That is not her husband; it’s a ravenous beast. Then, seeing the image he’s watching, she reels as if struck by a savage kick to the stomach. She staggers back gagging, crying out in horrified disbelief. The man turns, terror-stricken. Both are caught in this shattering moment of truth. The dark force kept in bounds for so long has just ripped through the firmament of their lives like a shaft of furious lightning, exposing the Lie. How can she—how can anyone—comprehend what has turned her Dr. Jekyll husband into this rapacious Mr. Hyde? What is that force? What’s behind that Look?*

*Roy K. From talk entitled “Recovery From Lust – Session1

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