Sexual Sobriety: Thinking & Acting

sexual sobriety means thinking & acting

As a member of Sexaholics Anonymous, I need to be careful what I think and do. If my attitudes and thoughts aren’t “right,” ultimately my illness will show itself in my actions. I’ve learned in this program that my actions follow from my thoughts and attitudes.

Sexual Sobriety Includes Thinking & Acting

being alert to sexual triggersA part of my recovery then has been keeping my thoughts and attitudes in check, and a strategy that has helped me is known as “custody of the eyes.” For me, this involves – or should involve, when I use it, as I should – three words: ALERT, AVERT, and AFFIRM.

  • I am ALERT to my environment and to sights (and sites!) that may trigger me.
  • When they appear, as they inevitably will, I AVERT my gaze.
  • I then AFFIRM that my higher power loves me and that he loves the other person whom I saw or imagined. I also pray for knowledge of his will for me and the power to carry that out.

Alert. Avert. Affirm. These words have helped me recover.


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We’ve also found that this sort of knowledge has done little for us in isolation and without a systematic program of recovery. We’ve found both of those in Sexaholics Anonymous.  We have a number of meetings, at least one each day of the week, all over the St. Louis, Missouri  metropolis and and surrounding areas. With us you will find support and encouragement as you travel toward a healthy, joyful life. Come join us!

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