Sober, Just For Today

Sobriety is a one-day-at-a-time endeavor.  Sometimes a one-hour or minute endeavor.  I make no promises for tomorrow or for the week or year.  No grand vows (how many countless vows have I made in my career as an addict?!).  Just a humble focus on today.  All I have to work with is here and now.

An important part of the Sexaholics Anonymous program is the fellowship.  It is very important to get a sponsor, someone who has walked your desired path before you who will now walk along side you.  And it is wonderful to have others with whom you can encourage and support and who will in turn support you.  It is never too early to serve.

In meetings and in one on one calls or face to face visits, I have often found it helpful to use the “Just For Today” daily renewal checklist as a helpful reminder of my powerlessness and attendant pitfalls as well as a reminder of the source of my recovery power.  Here are the 6 daily renewal questions:

  1. Are you willing to admit you are powerless over lust and sexual acting out, just for today?
  2. Do you desire sobriety for the next 24 hours: freedom from sexual obsession and acting out, freedom from fear, resentment, shame, and isolation?
  3. Are you willing to do whatever is necessary to protect this desire including spiritual reading, reaching out and calling others, prayer and meditation, physical care of your body, setting appropriate boundaries, and refusing all lust hits as toxic?
  4. Just for today, do we commit to God and this group that we do not have to have sex with ourselves or anyone else (except a spouse) no matter what, realizing that at the end of this 24 hours we are free to continue with sobriety or go another way?
  5. Do you understand that this renewal does not keep you sober (God does), but it does make you aware of yourself and accountable to others?
  6. And, just for today, are you willing with me to hand over your will and the care of your life to the One Who kept you sober yesterday and has protected you from the full consequences of your lust in the past?


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