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I Go Months Porn-Free: I Can’t Be An Addict

I was asked recently if I thought a person could be a sex addict, or porn addict if they can go months at a time without engaging in the behavior.  The reasoning goes something like this: An addict is someone who engages in a behavior or uses a substance uncontrollably all the time. Every day or at least every week. The urge is ever present. The giving in is a regular occurance. Therefore, if I can go for months without the behavior or drug, then I must not be an addict. I just have a habit. Of course, for the person asking him or herself this, it’s not merely an academic question. The answer has serious implications: If I’m an addict I’m in deep and I need serious help. If it’s just a habit, well, I can deal with that in private, or with just a bit more effort. But, is the “months porn-free” assumption valid?Read More »I Go Months Porn-Free: I Can’t Be An Addict

Am I Addicted to Sex or Pornography?

How can I know if I am addicted to sex or pornography? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you ever debated with yourself or a partner if your sexual behavior is an abnormal and an addiction or if it’s just the normal behavior of any red-blooded man or woman? Perhaps your friends or the voices in society are telling you that it’s normal to do the things you do, but you have this nagging voice in the back of your mind saying something’s very wrong. How can you determine if you are an addict? How can you tell if your behavior is not normal?Read More »Am I Addicted to Sex or Pornography?